Become a Jamaa Sponsor! 

In Kiswahili, Jamaa means “family,” and when a child enters the Gethsemane home, they become part of the family— with brothers and sisters, parents, and several “aunts” and “uncles” on staff.  But the family in Kenya, cannot do it on their own. We need help from sponsors!

Our sponsorship program is created to connect you personally with one of the children we rescue from poverty. You provide for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and you get to watch as they grow into a healthy and godly adult because of your support.

Our sponsorship program is unique in the way that it funds the home. When each child in the home is fully sponsored, all regular operating expenses for the home are met.* This allows us to make and keep a commitment to each child that comes into the home.

Sponsorships are committed to on a yearly basis, but most of our sponsors commit each year for the child’s entire stay at the home. It means so much to these children to know that someone from halfway around the world cares so much!

Sponsor a Child

  • $150/mo. Or $1,800/yr.
  • Be the sponsor of a child in order to help meet their needs
  • Receive the story and bio of your specific child
  • Receive updates and pictures of your specific child
  • Enjoy the opportunity to correspond with and even visit your specific child!

*$150/mo. (or $1800/yr.) provides a child’s housing, food, and K-12 education. Donations to the general and other funds help cover the cost of children who are not fully sponsored and go toward unexpected and additional expenses–- such as home repairs, medical bills, and college tuition— and to support specific projects at Gethsemane International School. We are grateful for the many donors who may not be able to commit to a sponsorship, but donate what they can towards these other funds!