Milka is one of five children in her family, including her sister Susan (also at Gethsemane). Both of her parents died of AIDS when she was very young, leaving her and her siblings on the street. She struggled to survive and was seperated from many of her siblings, until she and Susan were brought to Gethsemane in 2009.

Milka is a very good helper at home, and she joyfully assists her home mother and her Gethsemane siblings in chores. She is often timid or shy, but when she is comfortable she sometimes plays tricks on people.

School is a struggle for her, and she is continuing to learn Swahili and English (the languages used in Kenyan schools). Milka enjoys singing, and loves learning new songs – especially the ones with hand motions.

Praise God, Milka became a new creation in July 2010 when she accepted Jesus as her Savior during Gethsemane’s annual mission trip. Continue to pray for Milka as she grows to be a godly young woman.