David BEFORE coming to Gethsemane

In the city of Nairobi, Kenya in February of 1996, David was born. He was born in the slums, fatherless due to the AIDS disease and the fifth child in his family. Soon after his birth, his poverty stricken mother suddenly abandoned him and his siblings. At that time, he was just a baby, and helplessly alone.

David AFTER coming to Gethsemane

As an abandoned infant, David’s grandmother raised him as much as she was finanicially able. When she could no longer afford to keep him, however, David was forced to live on the streets. He had no other relatives to turn to, so he joined the thousands of other children on the streets. He was only five years old.

On the streets, David had to scrounge for food from burning trash heaps and to sleep on street corners and in alleys. Though born the fifth child in his family, sadly, he is the only one still living. Never had he felt more alone, more worthless, more abandoned. It is only by God’s grace that he survived that way for several years.

Thankfully, and by God’s continuous grace, David heard about Gethsemane. Hoping for any help he could find, he finally came to us when we started our day school. Never having gone to school before, David struggled at first. But he soon began to improve in his studies and moved to our Gethsemane home.